%0 Book Section %B Autonomic Computing: Concepts, Infrastructure, and Applications %D 2006 %T A Self-Configuring Service Composition Engine %A Heinis, Thomas %A Pautasso, Cesare %A Alonso, Gustavo %E Manish Parashar %E Salim Hariri %I CRC Press %K Autonomic Computing %U http://www.amazon.com/Autonomic-Computing-Concepts-Infrastructure-Applications/dp/0849393671 %X We present an architecture for process execution which features an autonomic controller. The controller provides self-tuning, self-configuration and self-healing capabilities targeted at automatically configuring a distributed service composition engine. The system has been designed so that its components can be dynamically replicated on several nodes of a cluster, thereby achieving basic scalability. Thanks to the autonomic controller, the engine reacts to variations in the workload by altering its configuration in order to achieve better performance. The autonomic controller is also able to heal the system in case of failures. In order to illustrate the benefits of the approach, we present a set of experiments which evaluate the ability of the engine to configure itself as the load changes. %@ 0-8493-9367-1