Version 2.3.7, released on August 18th 2008

Remote Management and Monitoring Client:

  • Connect to a remote* JOpera engine server from your JOpera for Eclipse client
  • Monitor and inspect the progress of the processes running on the server from within the local process modeling environment
  • Start the execution of new processes from the client
  • Kill, Pause, and Continue the remote execution of existing processes
  • Delete process instances on the server


  • Improved Tasks States view now linked with Properties View
  • Better Accessibility: in addition to color, a text-label indicating the current state of tasks can be shown in the graphical monitoring views

Note: *For security reasons, by default the JOpera engine server will refuse connections from remote monitoring clients that are not running on the same host as the server. Contact us if you would like to learn how to configure the engine for remote access.

Download the latest release of JOpera from the update site: