Welcome to JOpera

JOpera for Eclipse is a rapid service composition tool offering a visual language and autonomic execution platform for building distributed applications out of reusable services, which include but are not strictly limited to Web services.

JOpera helps you to deal with:

  • Bottom-up and top-down (iterative) service composition.
  • Heterogeneity: invoke SOAP and RESTful Web services, Java and JavaScript snippets, Human activities, Grid services, Your-Favourite services...
  • Integrated process modeling and execution.

by providing powerful tools for:

  • True visual process definition, not limited to declaring the control flow, but also providing full support for drawing the data flow.
  • Agile service composition with immediate feedback, refactoring and regression testing of your processes.
  • Efficient process execution: visual models compiled to Java bytecode.
  • Visual Monitoring, interactive steering and seamless debugging of service compositions fully integrated with the design tools.
  • Recursive service composition: automatic publishing of processes as SOAP/WSDL and RESTful Web services.

Thanks to its generality, JOpera for Eclipse has a wide range of applications: from rapid development of Service-Oriented Business Applications to classical Workflow Management and Business Process Automation, from Straight Through Processing in the enterprise and in virtual laboratories (e.g., scientific workflows, bioinformatics), to visual scripting of Mashups and pipelined processing over data and RSS streams.

JOpera is also an open research platform, to explore the following problems:

  • Cloud workflow management.
  • RESTful service composition and Web 2.0 Mashups
  • Streaming Oriented Architectures: JOpera processes model pipelines over generic data streams and streaming services
  • Service Interface Change Management: JOpera tells you which processes will be affected by changing a service definition.
  • Lineage Tracking: data provenance metadata is automatically collected by the engine.
  • Scalable and autonomic process execution: the distributed version of the JOpera engine can run on a cluster of computers as well as advanced multicore architectures and tune itself automatically.