Composing RESTful services with JOpera

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2009
Authors  Pautasso, C.
Conference Name  International Conference on Software Composition 2009
Series Title  LNCS
Volume  5634
Pagination  142–159
Month  July
Publisher  Springer
Conference Location  Zurich, Switzerland
Key Words  REST; Service Composition; DoodleMap
Abstract  The REST architectural style is emerging as an alternative technology platform for the realization of service-oriented architectures. In this paper, we apply the notion of composition to RESTful services and derive a set of language features that are required by composition languages for RESTful services: dynamic late binding, dynamic typing, content-type negotiation, state inspection, and compliance with the uniform interface principle. To show how such requirements can be satisfied by an existing composition language, we include a case-study using the JOpera visual composition language. In it, we present how to build a composite application (DoodleMap) out of some well-known, public and currently existing RESTful service APIs.
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