Some REST Design Patterns (and Anti-Patterns)

Publication Type  Talk
Year of Publication  2009
Authors  Pautasso, C.
Date Published  23.10.2009
Place Published  2nd International SOA and Cloud Symposium, Rotterdam, NL
Abstract  The REST architectural style is simple to define, but understanding how to apply it to design concrete REST services in support of SOA can be more complex. The goal of this talk is to present the main design elements of a RESTful architecture and introduce a pattern-based design methodology for REST services. A selection of REST-inspired SOA design patterns taken from the upcoming "SOA with REST" book will be explained and further discussed to share useful solutions to recurring design problems and to also the foundational building blocks that comprise the REST framework from a patterns perspective. We will conclude by introducing some common SOA anti-patterns particularly relevant to the design of REST services in order to point out that not all current Web services that claim to be RESTful are indeed truly so.
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