Problem using a WSDL file

I'm a trying to define a process which use a WSDL
I've copied a sample one in an accessible place

This WSDL is well used by a BPEL process in ODE and seems to be correct in the XMethods analyser.

Following the Web Service Tutorial, I'm in the 4.6 step. But when I try to drag a 'program' -here 'SOAP_translate'- in my process, nothing happens.

Any idea?


I've tried with
found on XMethods
And it's the same.
I'm unable to drag anything form the Outile panel to the DataFlow panel

Drag the Version

In the Outline view you should open the Programs folder, then open the program node that corresponds to the WSDL operation that you would like to call. Inside you will find a node called "Version 1.0", this is what you should drag and drop into the Dataflow of the process.

Alternatively you can drag programs listed in the JOpera Library view.

(Thanks a lot for your feedback, the Web services tutorial was written before support for versioning was introduced)

Thank's It works I had tried

It works
I had tried to drag the root or to drag the leaf and it doesn't work
It was the Version intermediary item that I needed to drag

Now, I'm unable to run the process.
It is not seen after pressing the Browse inthe 4.9 step

I've been successful to try a process by going to the Overview view, then choosing a process, then clicking on Start. By the way indicated in 4.9, I always failes.

Build Automatically

For 4.9 to work you have to save the oml file first and make sure that your project is automatically built (like specified in 4.8).

Otherwise you can start the process by clicking on the Start in the Overview tab of the editor, or clicking on the Start button at the top of the process editor tab. This will bypass the Run Configuration dialog if one already exists.

Also, here is a video of the tutorial that could be of help.