Version 2.6.0, released on October 12th 2011


  • JOpera runs on Eclipse 3.7 Indigo
    • Fixes:

      • WSDL Endpoints for processes no longer include illegal characters (thanks to Meena Sengu)
      • JOpera Library configuration now stored persistently as a project property (XPath programs dragged from the library should no longer disappear after restarting Eclipse) (thanks to Esteban Etayo Gil)
      • Important synchronization issues of the REST API on multicores (by Achille Peternier and Daniele Bonetta)
      • ECHO Adapter no longer fails when echoing XML content

      Breaking API Changes:

      • If you developed Eclipse plugins that extend JOpera, please rename all "ch.ethz.jopera.*" imports and plugin dependencies to "org.jopera.*"


      • DoodleMap mashup example XPath issue has been fixed
      • MapTube mashup example updated

      Download the latest release of JOpera from the update site: