Support for REST service invocation


i have read Cesare Pautasso's presentation about RESTful service composition with JOpera [1].

Does the example workflow (doodle map mashup, p27) integrate existing REST apis ? If yes, is this testable in the current release (2.4.2) ? I have only found the screenshot of the doodle REST api call [2] in the documentation.

As I am currently dealing with REST service integration in workflows I find your project really interesting and look forward to your answer.



REST service invocation

Hi Alex,

thanks a lot for your interest in the RESTful doodle mashup with JOpera.

It is correct that the example workflow in the talk uses indeed the RESTful APIs of Yahoo! and Doodle.

You can try to do the same if you choose the HTTP adapter when you specify a Program. Let us know if you have any questions about it.

We will post the doodle.oml demo example in the next JOpera release.

Best Regards,
JOpera team



the HTTP adapter used in a program was the missing hint. Thanks for your help !