How do I start a process on Window

Dear All

How do I start a process on Window
i can't run eclipse always to use the WSDL file
please help me


Running JOpera as a server

Yes, it is possible to run JOpera as a server so that you do not have to run the Eclipse development environment window to access the processes through their WSDL interfaces. Is this what you are trying to do?

You can find more information here:

how 2 used

this command for unix ?
./eclipse -application ch.ethz.jopera.kernel.KernelApplication -data /home/jopera/workspace/ -nosplash

or it' can work on MSwindow ?

yes, it works on windows too

Yes: open a Windows command prompt (cmd.exe), change to your eclipse installation folder and type

eclipse.exe -application ch.ethz.jopera.kernel.KernelApplication -data "c:\Users\jopera\workspace" -nosplash

replace "c:\Users\jopera\workspace" with the workspace path where you have deployed your oml files.