Deploying services built with JOpera


I'm developing services with JOpera, which seems to me to be a very powerful approach about services composition.

But, I doesn't understand clearly how I can deploy web services based on JOpera.
I'm developing services under Windows and have web server under Linux; can I deploy a JOpera engine on my APache/Tomcat under Eclipse?

Jean-Claude Moissinac

Run the JOpera server

Hi Jean-Claude Moissinac,

yes, you can run the JOpera server on your Linux server.

There is some documentation here that can help you:

The JOpera server runs standalone and provides a command line prompt as well as a REST API. You can use Apache as a front-end for access control.

Best Regards,
JOpera Team

Information about my deployment

Thank's for the link. I just expected to be able to use JOpera without Eclipse on a server.
So I've installed Eclipse 3.2.2 which is the default Synaptic oackage on my Ubuntu.
Then, I have used the link in the doc to install JOpera.
All seemed to be OK, but JOpera doesn't appear in Eclipse.
So, I've used the update link in the Help/Install software of Eclipse.
I got a message about the missing GEF plugin.
So, I've installed GEF and then, JOpera and restart Eclipse.
But, JOpera doesn't appera in the New/Other list of known object to create.
I will continue to investigate, but any idea is welcome.


3.2.2 very old

It is best to try to use the latest Eclipse by simply unzipping the latest Eclipse 3.5 (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers) release as opposed to Eclipse 3.2.2 which is very old.

Also, it is ok that after the install you do not see anything as usual related to JOpera in the Eclipse IDE as you have installed only the JOpera server (which is invisible from the IDE).

You should try to run the JOpera server (instead of the Eclipse IDE) using the following command line:

./eclipse -application ch.ethz.jopera.kernel.KernelApplication -data /home/jopera/workspace/ -nosplash

And then connect to it using a browser