Enforced synchronization of the control view and process' task box

Dear JOpera team,
I've experienced unexpected process behavior which turned out to be caused by some “implicit” tasks.
They were not visible within the control view, but listed within the “task” box of the process editor.
Although the control view focuses on modeling the sequence of tasks and not enumerating all of the
process' tasks (as the task box of the process editor do), it results in an counterintuitive and error-prone visualization when both displays run out of sync. This is the case when:

- tasks are added via the editor view of the process. They does not show up automatically in the control flow view
- a task box in control view was deleted without confirming to the removal of the task together with the box

I suggest to enforce the synchronization of both displays, since they are not functionally as separate, as this is the case with the control and data flows. This will significantly improve the overview of any process constituents.

Many thanks

Control flow view

Thanks for your good suggestion.

In the meanwhile, you can always add a visualization of the hidden tasks by clicking with the right mouse button anywhere in the control flow view and selecting 'Tasks', 'Show All Tasks'. This menu is only visible if you have declared some tasks that are not visible in the control flow view.