Bug/Exception handling: MalformedURL: Illegal character in URL

I create a composite service of REST services. one task receives a URL as input parameters. when running the process always fail this task and I get the error message " MalformedURL: Illegal character in URL". Although the URL works properly in a browser.
I have also tried a web service to invoke, as the input parameters a url is with this url and it worked well. Where exactly is the problem? thank you for your answers

Escape the URL

Use %param@escape% to escape parameters that are passed as parameters to the HTTP adapter.

Use %param% will replace the parameter with its value without escaping it and may cause trouble

param is the name of the input parameter whose value will be replaced into the URL string used by the HTTP adapter.

Please send your .oml file to support@jopera.org in case you need additional help.

See also: http://www.jopera.org/node/479