Call JOpera process after html form submit

Dear JOpera Team

I have html form and I need to do the following:
1) Call JOpera process by parameters gotten from input fields after pressing submit
2) Display output parameters from another process at the same html page

Is it possible in JOpera?

Best Regards

Some Questions

Dear JOpera Team,

Thank you for your response

What are the used adapters? Are they only the four available REST ones?
Can I find documentation and examples related to what I need to do?

Best Regards

Use the REST API

Dear Mahmoud,

you can use the JOpera REST API to fetch the output parameters of any process and display them on any HTML page (using AJAX) and also include a form to start another process using the same API.

JOpera is a process execution engine and not a HTML/Web development framework so the HTML pages generated through the REST API are not meant for end-user consumption but for helping developers become familiar with the API.

So yes it is possible, but you should write the HTML yourself starting from the examples provided from the JOpera REST API.

Best Regards,
JOpera Team

Where can I find helping examples?

Dear JOpera Team,

Thank you so much for your useful reply. I hope to find examples helping me in what I want to do.
What are the expected adapters?
Are the following adapters enough for accomplishing what I need?
Where can I find documentation for the previous adapters?

Best Regards