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JOpera for Grid computing

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JOpera as a research platform

Selected references to JOpera

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Doctoral dissertations referring to JOpera

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Tutorials referring to JOpera

University Lectures referring to JOpera

  • J. Grundy/J. Hosking, Software Development Methodologies, Softeng 450, University of Auckland

Seminars and Presentations referring to JOpera

  • V. Tosic, On Modeling and Maximizing Business Value for Autonomic Service-Oriented Systems, QSWS08
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  • S. Arroyo, JOpera: a Toolkit for Efficient Visual Composition of Services, DERI, January 2005

Instances of JOpera used in teaching

  • At SMU (Singapore Management University), in the School of Information Systems, JOpera is used as part of the Enterprise Integration (IS301) lecture, since December 2004.
  • At ETH Zurich, in the Department of Computer Science, JOpera is used to support the practical exercises of the Enterprise Application Integration (Middleware) lecture, since October 2003.
  • At USI, JOpera is used in the lab of the Software Architecture and Design master-level lecture.
  • At Universidad del Cauca, Colombia, JOpera is used in the lab of the "Integracion de procesos empresariales a traves de internet".
  • Several courses adopting the Web Services book have also used JOpera for teaching practical aspects of Web service composition.

Research projects influenced by JOpera

  • N. Liu, J. Grundy, J. Hosking, ViTABaL-WS, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • H. Menager, SemanticBio, University of Arizona, USA
  • H. Paik, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • L. Liquori, ARIGATONI, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France

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