Parallel Computing Patterns for Grid Workflows

Publication Type  Conference Paper
Year of Publication  2006
Authors  Pautasso, C.; Alonso, G.
Conference Name  Proceedings of the HPDC2006 workshop on Workflows in support for large-scale Science (WORKS06)
Conference Location  Paris, France
Key Words  Grid Workflows; Patterns
Abstract  Whereas a consensus has been reached on defining the set of workflow patterns for business process modeling languages, no such patterns exists for workflows applied to scientific computing on the Grid. By looking at different kinds of parallelism, in this paper we identify a set of workflow patterns related to parallel and pipelined execution. The paper presents how these patterns can be represented in different Grid workflow languages and discusses their implications for the design of the underlying workflow management and execution infrastructure. A preliminary classification of these patterns is introduced by surveying how they are supported by several existing advanced scientific and Grid workflow languages.
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