Mashup DoodleMap (Updated)

Download the updated mashup_doodlemap.oml example that ships with JOpera fixed to work with the latest version of the Doodle RESTful API.

How to run the demo:

1. Simply copy the mashup_doodlemap.oml in a JOpera project of your Eclipse workspace.
2. Make sure the REST API of JOpera is running.
3. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/rest/mashup_doodlemap/DoodleMap/1.1/
4. Fill out the form with the requested inpur parameters and click on 'Run' to POST it and run the process

mashup_doodlemap.oml71.49 KB


It is not working with JOpera 2.5.4

It is not working with JOpera 2.5.4