Verifier Plugin

This plugin requires JOpera 2.5.2 and demonstrates how to use the verifier extension point that helps to contribute extra design-time verification functionality.

MapTube Mashup Example

Download the new mashup_maptube.oml example that shows how to interactively plot YouTube video search results on a map (Thanks to Andreas Reber).

Mashup DoodleMap (Updated)

Download the updated mashup_doodlemap.oml example that ships with JOpera fixed to work with the latest version of the Doodle RESTful API.

Foreach tutorial demo

Download from the attachment the JOpera oml files corresponding to the videos showing how to model a parallel for-each loop:

Process Execution Listener Plugin

This plugin shows how to write a listener that will log all task execution times during the execution of a process.

ARC Hello World Demo

How to run the ARC job submission demo:

  1. Unzip the demo into an existing JOpera project.
  2. To run the processes you should enter your SSH credentials to access an ARC UI machine as well as the local Eclipse workspace project path where you unzipped the demo. One process runs without automatically renewing the SLCS certificates. The other will also renew the certificates automatically but needs additional input to do so.

Java Service Invocation

Use this demo to get started with the Java Import Wizard and the Java Service Invocation Adapter so that you can embed Java code in your JOpera processes.

How to run the demo

  1. Download and unzip the attached
  2. Import the both the java-code and the jopera-workflows projects into your JOpera workspace
  3. Open the 'tutorial_java.oml' file in the jopera-workflows project
  4. Start the 'JavaProcess' workflow contained in it. This workflow calls the Java code contained in the other project

More information

Emergency Rescue in Norway

This emergency rescue demo takes as input a Norvegian phone number and uses it to compute the best route between the current position of the caller and the nearest ambulance. The result is plotted on a Google Map, which you can look at in a browser if you configure JOpera's embedded Web server to use port 8082.

How to run the demo

  1. Download and unzip the JOpera projects.
  2. Import the project into your JOpera workspace.
  3. Explore and run any of the processes of the included OML files using the provided default values.

Hello World Adapter

Use this JOpera service invocation plugin as a starting point to develop your own adapters for calling your favourite kind of service from a JOpera process.

How to run the adapter demo

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