Emergency Rescue in Norway

This emergency rescue demo takes as input a Norvegian phone number and uses it to compute the best route between the current position of the caller and the nearest ambulance. The result is plotted on a Google Map, which you can look at in a browser if you configure JOpera's embedded Web server to use port 8082.

How to run the demo

  1. Download and unzip the JOpera projects.
  2. Import the project into your JOpera workspace.
  3. Explore and run any of the processes of the included OML files using the provided default values.

In case the services involved in the composition are not available (or not reachable from your location) your results may vary (you will probably see some failures). To run JOpera off-line, some pre-recorded demos are also included so that you can replay and monitor the execution of the processes.

  1. Switch to the 'JOpera Monitor' perspective.
  2. Right click on the 'demo' files, select 'JOpera' and 'Start Demo'.
  3. Watch the processes as they run by selecting them in the Instance Navigator view.
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