RESTful Web Service Composition with JOpera

Publication Type  Talk
Year of Publication  2008
Authors  Pautasso, C.
Date Published  27.11.2008
Place Published  NICTA, Sydney, Australia
Abstract  Recent technology trends in Web Services (WS) indicate that a solution eliminating the perceived complexity of the WS-* stack may be in sight: advocates of REpresentational State Transfer (REST) have come to believe that their ideas explaining why the World Wide Web works are just as applicable to solve enterprise application integration problems and to radically simplify the plumbing required to build service-oriented architectures. In this talk we focus on the problem of composing both RESTful Web services with WS-* Web services. We discuss how the assumptions made by current standards for Web service composition are challenged by the new paradigm. We demonstrate how Web service composition languages and tools can be evolved to cope with REST using the JOpera process modeling environment as an example.
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