How to configure instance persistence

Dear JOpera support,
how is the peristence of instances/tasks configured with JOpera server to maintain the state
beyond server shutdown ? This is esp. needed to recover long running (human) tasks.
Chapter 7 (FAQ) mentions such an option without providing any details:
"If you have configured the kernel to use persistent storage, this information
may even survive kernel crashes."

Many thanks


Hej Jaro,

this is exactly the question I was gonna ask. We are in the same need of maintaining states of long running transactions.

So dear jOpera Team, could you please explain how jOpera can handle persistency?

Thanks a lot

We'd also need to keep state

We'd also need to keep state of lung running processes: how is it done in jopera?
If it's done somehow it perfectly fits my need, otherwise I have to use another product.

Please let me know

Alberto Lagna