Hello World Adapter

Use this JOpera service invocation plugin as a starting point to develop your own adapters for calling your favourite kind of service from a JOpera process.

How to run the adapter demo

This is an Eclipse plugin project, to be imported in your JOpera workspace. To run it you should start another 'Eclipse Application' from the workspace where you have imported the demo project (Read Step 7 of this guide if you are not familiar with Eclipse plugin development). In the extended JOpera, the DEMO adapter should become available in the component type browser. An example process to test the adapter is also included (look for demo_example.oml in the examples).

Compatibility Note

Use jopera-adapter-demo-2.zip with JOpera 2.6.0 or above.

Use jopera-adapter-demo-1.zip with JOpera 2.5.4 or below.

Demo Video

jopera-adapter-demo-1.zip7.04 KB
jopera-adapter-demo-2.zip5.97 KB


it needs update

Dear JOpera Team,

The sample needs update to match 2.6.0 API changes.