Parameters Type


I'm very interested by your project.
I've not investigated all the documents in details, but I've not identified a piece of information: types available for the parameters.
I plan to test a process which calls a REST service which takes the URL of an image, a width and returns a transformed image with the specified width.

Can we manage an image as result of a step in a JOpera workflow?

Thank's for your tool

Jean-Claude Moissinac
Associate Professor
Telecom ParisTech

It depends

Dear Jean-Claude Moissinac,

many thanks for your interest and positive feedback about JOpera.

You can try to use the existing HTTP adapter and look for the content of the system output parameter called "Page" once you run it against the URL of the image you provided.

The question here is what is supposed to happen next to the image in your process. Would it work if the image would be downloaded and stored in a local file and the HTTP adapter would return you the filename? Or would you need to upload the image data to another REST API?

We are actively working on REST composition and this is a very interesting challenge.

Best Regards,
Cesare Pautasso

REST/Process and image

I think that the good way is to use REST services which can be re-entrant: it get the URL of an image as input and gives an URL to the resulting image as output, so it needs to have a storage (ex: distributed storage in the cloud)

But, I would like to be able to use in my composition an existing service like the one I mentioned in my previous message. So, I need to be able to receive the resulting image and to do something with it.

(in parallel, if you have a pointer on the list of available types, it is welcome)