Human Adapter Worklist

Hey there,

I was wondering, if there is a way of accessing the Worklist without using the jOpera Worklist Page.
Maybe it can be accessed via a REST Api or something?

I want to integrate the Worklist in another Webapp so what I need is a way to read the list so I can parse it and display it on another page, preferably in XML or JSON. From there I want to be able to feed the users answers back to the jOpera process.

Is there a way I can do that?

Thanks in advance

Alright, I already figured


I already figured out myself, that the worklist is accessible via this REST Endpoint:

Just have a look at the following JS-File for more information:

Any comments on my BPEL post are still very much appreciated.
// Malte

Worklist REST API

Hi Malte,
is the current /worklist/tasks enough for your needs? Or would you require to be able to get additional information from the worklist API for your website?
Best Regards,
JOpera Team

Worklist REST API / Human task support

Dear JOpera team,
human tasks and support for at least a subset of the resource
patterns are a substantial requirement in our project.

Could you please respond shortly or point me to any documentation
regarding the current implementation of human tasks in JOpera:

- how are tasks distributed/allocated ?
- how are they solved and user input is passed into the runtime ?
- what are the IN/OUT params to http://localhost:8080/worklist/tasks ?
- apparently only JSON output is available, could the mime-type support be
extended at least to XML (like this is the case with REST-API for processes) ?

Many thanks!