XML transformation


How can I work with XSLT transformation, becauce you don't have it in the documentation ?

XML transformation / no result

the System output of the XSLTAdapter is missing regardless of the transformation,
while the task finishes successfully. Seems to be a bug ?
Thank you

Help to Reproduce

Hi Jaro,
could you send to help@jopera.org the oml file that causes the missing output problem with the XSLT adapter?
JOpera Team

XML transformation / no result / user error

please apologize for this confusion. Upon your request I checked the
stylesheet once again and noticed a missing name-space prefix in
an XPath expression. A silly user error, please close this ticket ;)

Thank you for the bug report

Hi Jaro,

great to hear you found the bug in the stylesheet.

Also, just to avoid the confusion for the future and make it easier for you to debug the problem: in addition to the empty Output with the incorrect stylesheet, did you also observe a failure (red color) of the task with the XLST adapter? Or was the task finishing correctly (Blue color) despite the incorrect stylesheet?

Thanks again for your interest in JOpera.

Best Regards,
JOpera Team