issue with Condor adapter

Firstly, Thank you for JOpera, it is an excellent tool! I'm learning its functionality and trying to evaluate it.

This message is to report a Condor adapter issue:
*.sub files lose the line with "queue" command during staging from local host (Eclipse with JOpera) to condor submission host. And Condor adapter programs (in eclipse 3.5, eclipse 3.5.1, on Windows XP) exit with error message:
Submission failed
ch.ethz.jopera.subsystems.condor.api.CondorException: JOB SUBMISSION FAILED
Submitting job(s)

ERROR: "condor_job.sub" doesn't contain any "queue" commands -- no jobs queued

Process sub-directory in Remote spool directory has 2 files:
condor_job.sub (or whatever name is used )
jopera's local copy of the *.sub file has the line with "queue" command present inside the file, but the files on condor submission host have that line missing

Let me know if I should provide more details on this issue.

Thank you,

Thank you for the bug report

Hi Vad-Montreal,
thanks for reporting the issue - we will try to reproduce the bug.
Also, did you try to add a few blank extra lines after the disappearing queue command in the *.sub file?
Best Regards,
JOpera Team

Issue with Condor Adapter: additional info

OK, I found the following:
If I install Eclipse with JOpera on Condor submission host then Condor job can run successfully ONLY if Condor adapter has no arguments (i.e. *.oml file overview tab - > select Program -> press "Edit" -> scroll to Adapters -> Select Condor Adapter -> click "Edit" button -> and the "arguments" field).
If that field is empty the I can run successfully job on Condor (but only if it's on localhost).
So in brief, there is the dependency:
- If "arguments" field is not empty then "queue" lines are deleted from *.sub file. Additionally, if the file contains "arguments = ...." line then such line will be deleted too.
- If "arguments" field is empty then "queue" line(s) stay in the file (and "arguments" line stays too, if present)

I hope this will help to pinpoint the problem.

I very much appreciate your work, Thank you!
PS I still struggle to submit to Condor if it's not on the same host as JOpera, but I'll find eventually...

I tried to add extra "queue"

I tried to add extra "queue" lines (1-3) and extra blank lines (1-3).
Both empy and "queue" lines are not transferred to condor submission hosts.