Missing WSIF Adapter


I've been a couple of days learning how to use jOpera using its examples and manual but I had a problem with the ones using web services. I can import an WSDL without any problem, but I can't find the WSIF component that is listed in the manual and is a dependence in web services related demos .

I have installed jOpera latest version together with Eclipse Helios 3.6.1, and the file ch.ethz.jopera.subsystems.ws_2.4.6.jar is present in the plugins folder, but there is no oml file modeling the adapter.

Please can anyone help me in running those demos??

Thanks in advance.

Disable/Delete the WSIF Adapter


if the programs generated from the WSDL import wizard contain adapters referring to the WSIF component type and the WSIF adapter plugin is missing you get an error.

To work around the error simply delete the adapter referring to the WSIF component type, you will still be able to invoke the Web service using the INVOKE adapter (which is much more efficient than the WSIF adapter).

If you do not wish to delete the WSIF adapter, then you can disable it and the error will turn into a warning.

Let us know if this helped you to run the Web services demo.

Best Regards,
JOpera Team