Support with DoodleMap Mashup

Dear Sir,

After I have installed JOpera, I tried to run the DoodleMap mashup example from the Monitor Perspective. It failed in the process of CountParticipants giving me the following

XPath Expression Error

Thanks in advance for any help you provide

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How to downgrade

use this url as the update site in eclipse:

be sure to uninstall the current version before. (help -> install new software -> "what is already installed"-link)

i hope this did help.

Yes it did

Thank you so much.
I hope to get your email because i need JOpera source in my research

Fixed in the next release

Dear Sir,

there is a bug with the XPath adapter which fails when running expressions which do not return a nodeset. This bug was introduced in JOpera 2.5.4.

If you need an urgent solution we suggest to downgrade the ch.ethz.jopera.subsystem.xml plugin to the one found in the release 2.5.3.

We will release a bug fix in the next JOpera 2.5.5.

Best Regards,
JOpera Team

How to Downgrade a plugin in eclipse?

Thank you for your help. I would like to ask the following:

1) How to downgrade the ch.ethz.jopera.subsystem.xml plugin?
2) How can I get JOpera 2.5.3 because I could not get it from the old releases section?


JOpera 2.6.0

JOpera 2.6.0 has been released which fixes the XPath adapter bug so there is no need to downgrade the XPath adapter plugin anymore.