SOA: Software Engineering without Programming Languages

Publication Type  Talk
Year of Publication  2006
Authors  Alonso, G.
Date Published  5.12.2006
Place Published  ECOWS 2006 Keynote, Zurich
Abstract  Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) encompass a wide range of technologies. In this talk I will focus on the impact of SOA on application development and how it shifts the emphasis of software engineering from programming to integration. As part of this process, a wealth of new opportunities arise to tackle a variety of open problems that software engineering has not been able to address in the last decades: formal treatment of non-functional requirements, continuous development, dynamic adaptation, and new forms of data storage and delivery. In the talk I will outline how SOA provides us with the necessary abstractions to successfully address these key problems. I will also discuss in detail what are the key contributions of the concepts around SOA and underline their importance for future developments in the area.
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