JOpera is Peer to Peer or Distributed Workflow engine ?

Hi All,
Could you please anyone help me identify whether JOpera is a Distributed or Peer to Peer workflow engine? If it is not Peer to Peer is there anyway we can make it behave like Peer to Peer engine.

Jayakumar A

Possibly Both

Hi Jayakumar A,

JOpera is distributed as it can run on a cluster of computers to scale-out and autonomically configure itself to make optimal use of the cluster depending on its workload characteristics.

To do so, JOpera relies on a pub/sub mechanism which is currently implemented using a centralized component. If you would replace such pub/sub connector with a decentralized P2P implementation then JOpera could also run as a Peer to Peer engine. Let us know if you would be interested in attempting such extension project.

Best Regards,
JOpera Team