Problem: "broken cardinality constraints. cannot connect them"


Could you help me please?
I want to know the source of this problem: "broken cardinlity contraints . cannot connect them"
How to change a cardinality of a branch?

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Please send the oml

Could you please mail the .oml file which you are creating and an explanation on how to reproduce the problem to support at

JOpera Team


Hello sir,

I am so sorry because i lost the oml file. But when i cross this problem another time i will send you the oml file of the process.
I think the problem occurred when I try to connect an input of a task by more than output from other tasks.
So, i sent the previous message in order to know how to change the cardinality (from 1 to more than 1).

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More information

The rule is that in general you can connect an output parameter with as many other input parameters as you like.

Concerning the input parameters, you can also connect them to multiple output parameters AS LONG AS each output parameter belongs to a different task. This is allowed with the last writer wins semantic.

You were probably trying to merge the data flow from multiple output parameters OF THE SAME TASK into a single input parameter and this is not deterministic because JOpera does not know which of the output parameters to use when writing into the input parameter.