Two small bugs (automated code generation) and one remark (Help section)

Bug No. 1

For the imported web service a special class is generated that starts with the definition of a package.
Note a dot (.) in the end of the following line (before the colon):
package ws.localhost.helloWorldTest_HelloWorld1.;

Bug No. 2
The fact that java code is generated in one loooong line without breaks ("\n") makes the reading difficult.

//JOpera Program Template Plugin
//OML2Java Compiler Version 1.10 $Revision: 2525 $
package ws.localhost.helloWorldTest_HelloWorld1.;import ch.ethz.jopera.kernel.*;import ch.ethz.jopera.kernel.dispatcher.*;import java.util.*;public class Program_SOAP_Test_HelloWorldRequest_1_0 extends Program{public String getOML() { return "";} public String getName() { return "{ws.localhost.helloWorldTest_HelloWorld1.}SOAP_Test_HelloWorldRequest[1.0]";} public String

Web Service Tutorial in Help section needs to be updated. For example in 6.7 right click does not show up the "Add All Parameters" in the context menu.

Automated Code Generation

Bug No. 1 - Fixed
in SVN, will be released in 2.3.4

Bug No. 2. - Not a bug
Use Source|Format in Eclipse to read the generated code, which BTW is not meant to be read by JOpera end-users

Remark - Fixed
in SVN, will be released in 2.3.4

Thank you!