Version 2.4.6, released on July 24th 2009

New Features:

Version 2.4.5, released on May 19th 2009

New Features:

  • Easier to start running processes:
    • Start Button added to the Process Information page
    • Start Pop-up Menu Command added to the Outline
  • Improved Component Type Model:
    • Added Preference to show Component Type list in Overview Page
    • Component Type definitions can use inheritance
    • Choose predefined types for Component Type Parameters
    • Added QuickFix to disable invalid component types

Version 2.4.4, released on April 8th 2009

Bug Fixes for the Java Import Wizard:

  • Add local Eclipse workspace Java projects to the import classpath
  • Wizard will remember its previous configuration
  • Methods that throw exceptions can now be imported
  • Errors while dynamically loading classes are now shown

Download the latest release of JOpera from the update site:

Version 2.4.3, released on March 10th 2009

Adapter Improvements:

  • Extended CONDOR Adapter to control PATH and CONDOR_CONFIG environment variables
  • XPath adapter can now run queries using namespace declarations

New Features:

  • Adapter Editor groups basic and advanced system parameters
  • Model Checker will flag data type mismatches as errors or warnings in the data flow
  • Added new Doodle Map Mashup example

Version 2.4.2, released on December 16th 2008

Adapter Improvements:

  • Rewritten the Java Import Wizard
  • More Robust Java Method Invocation
  • Web Services Feature back on the main update site

New Features:

  • Edit Parameter Values from the Monitor as processes run
  • Added Cluster/Slice parameters Autocompletion
  • Conditions now support testing on boolean parameters

Version 2.4.1, released on October 30th 2008

More Display Preferences:

  • Configure the fonts for the graphical editor in the General, Appearance preferences
  • Use Gradient Fills

Version 2.4.0, released on September 24th 2008

Automatic Retry of Failed Tasks.
Set the execution settings of Programs, to control if a failed task should be:

  • Not retried (default, backwards compatible)
  • Retried up to N maximum times
  • Retried an infinite number of times (within a given timeout)

Version 2.3.7, released on August 18th 2008

Remote Management and Monitoring Client:

  • Connect to a remote* JOpera engine server from your JOpera for Eclipse client
  • Monitor and inspect the progress of the processes running on the server from within the local process modeling environment
  • Start the execution of new processes from the client
  • Kill, Pause, and Continue the remote execution of existing processes
  • Delete process instances on the server
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