Run Jopera workflow using SGE

We have a Linux-based HPC cluster and using SGE to manage jobs. We will be constructing workflows that link command-line applications. What is the best way to use JOpera in this setup? Does JOpera has any special adapters for handling jobs submitted through 'qsub' command in SGE ?



Hi Vivek,

we do not yet have a native SGE adapter for the JOpera engine. So the only currently supported way to submit jobs to SGE would be through the ARC adapter (assuming you go through the hassle of installing a ARC front-end to your SGE cluster).

Let us know if you would be interested to develop a SGE adapter based on the existing code for the Condor or the ARC adapters.

Best Regards,
JOpera Team


Thanks for your response.

Yes, I am interested to develop a SGE adapter to submit jobs using qsub and the existing source code for the Condor and ARC adapter will be really helpful to me. Where can I download the source code?

I could manage and create the DEMO adapter based on the documentation you have provided in the following links.

How to write Service Invocation Plugins
Hello World Adapter